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How can it be possible that we're only halfway through the year? On its relentless whiplash toward the middle, the first six months of 2020 have reframed, redefined, shocked, torn down, confounded and crumbled our expectations, our priorities, our concepts of distance and closeness, of responsibility, of tragedy, of joy. They changed how we listened to music, too: so often alone, through wires and screens and glitches and delays. But in six full months packed with moments where we needed music to cope with challenges new and old, then come Jessenation. The young artist and song writer introduces us to his sound. June 28th, 2020, The artist gifted us with FEVER. He hasn’t stopped since then. His vibe and art has steadily progressed.

Taking a roadmap to his career so far, it'

s safe to say that this young lad has got what it takes to excel as a professional artist. He sing, Raps and dishes out good energy and vibrations in his art.

After the release of Fever, the song has become a hit both home and abroad. Fever has since been getting radio plays in East Africa, West Africa, the islands, Europe and in the American regions.

Fever made it to the Spotify Tik Tok's top 100 of 2020, top US 100 chart and a host of others.

As we anticipate the release of his debut EP (vibesnation), December 24th.

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