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Vibesnation (Reports from Space) Vol 2.

Jessenation seems to be cutting corners at the same crazy pace he is

heating up the airwaves, TV stations and playlists. After dropping hit singles like "I Believe & Here for you" featuring Sammified and Wyre respectively, he didn’t take long to get noticed by the leaders of music both home and abroad.

The artist is set to release his second EP on his birthday June, 28th.

His music quality and delivery have since risen significantly, unanimously gaining

massive followership, listeners and streaming amongst various music platforms.

Vibesnation (Reports from Space) Vol. 2 is set to be one of the most groundbreaking Afrobeat EPs of the summer.

We understand we cannot do this without the core jessenational fans like yourself. This is why Jessenation would like to exclusively share the visuals to his yet to be released Video (Je M'appelle) on the EP.

"So catchy. Can hear this playing in the Club and everyone dancing to it. Very original. The video is so good as well. Can't wait to hear more from you. HOTTT" - A musician rated this track

Don't forget to pre-order the EP Now!

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